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The reason why the battery does not enter the power and the solution

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There are two main rechargeable batteries on the market Ni-MH battery and lithium-ion battery, people concerned about the battery charge does not enter the problem is probably for these two types. The same type and size of the battery can be connected in parallel, in series and mixed with the number of different batteries constitute a combination of batteries, as a common phenomenon, people want to understand the battery and battery pack charge behind the reasons and then seek solutions.

The reasons why the battery does not enter the power from the big side, can be divided into the battery itself inherent internal causes and battery charging external reasons. Lithium-ion battery with its superior performance is gradually occupied the original market of nickel-metal hydride batteries, so here to lithium battery charge-based description of the difference between the place referred to nickel-metal hydride batteries.

The battery is not charged into the internal power are:

1, the battery zero voltage or a combination of battery zero voltage battery. Battery zero voltage itself is not qualified products, the factory did not meet the corresponding nominal capacity and voltage values, or belong to the end of life, due to long-term use, capacity depletion, voltage drop to zero.
Taking into account the lithium battery after a long shelf, such as more than a year, it may be in the form of self-discharge power to make the voltage so that the voltage is zero, and now the lithium battery protection program in the design of the battery zero voltage can also charge into the electricity. Thus, there are two differences between the battery zero voltage: one that can be used for charging and the other is of no value; in other words, the former capacity loss is reversible and the latter is irreversible. Zero-voltage battery that is not energized If it is unfortunate to design into a lithium battery pack, it is possible to turn the MOSFET off by turning the zero-voltage signal into the battery pack by the protection chip, so that the battery pack can not be charged.

2, the battery connection error. This situation is less likely, because the rechargeable battery or battery pack factory generally require full inspection, the regular manufacturers of the battery unless this is a certain battery factory is not fully seized, and just connect the wrong battery pack In the absence of inspection. Of course, for the informal manufacturers produced or personal assembly is another matter, there are connection errors can not be completely eliminated. Relatively speaking, nickel-metal hydride batteries full rate is lower, the probability of this error may be larger.
3, the internal electronic components, protection circuit abnormal. This situation is probably the battery with a long time after the emergence of electronic components of the aging, shedding will lead to abnormal battery charging, especially integrated into the protection of electronic components of the circuit after the above situation will directly affect the protection of the circuit function, So that the charging process can not be properly guided.

Charging behavior leads to the external causes of charging:

1, the charger and the battery is not matched, in particular, do not match the charger and lithium battery charging current design differences will lead to charging instantaneous current is too large, lithium battery overcurrent protection stop charging. To solve this is not particularly concerned about the Ni-MH charger and lithium battery charger to mix, and some universal charger also try not to "universal" use.

2, charging equipment failure, no output voltage. This happens, just put the battery into another charger with the same type of charge can be.

3, the appropriate charging environment, chargers and rechargeable batteries have their own working environment, across any of the two conditions, whether high or low temperature will make the charge can not be carried out.

To solve the problem of battery charging is nothing more than diagnosis and treatment. Diagnostic order is the first external cause, because the charging method problems as long as the correction on the line, and internal factors need professional battery knowledge and battery testing equipment to get the correct conclusion, in their own can not solve the case, you can get professional Maintenance network maintenance.
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